Strike A Match


This was an illustration as requested by my lovely wife Laura, inspired by the lyrics from one of her favourite songs ‘Mailbox Arson’ by Alexisonfire. I originally had two versions of this image, both shown below, but went with the fire-globe idea…

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Nine Lives


This was my submission for the Versus 2 project where illustrators were asked to pick any number or picture card (Jack, Queen, King, Ace) and produce an illustration relative to that number, or picture card. Out of all the submissions a final 13 illustrators were chosen to be featured in a full deck of cards which would then be sent out to potential employers and clients to help the illustrators get employment or freelance work…

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You Will Never Make It

Illustration, Life

At the moment there are loads of spiders hanging around my house and they have all come from one of those fluffy cotton wool looking spider eggs that I found in my garden about a week ago. Its a fantastic sight to see them all hatching and setting off on their little adventures, their webs catching in the breeze, not know where they are going to end up or whether they will make it further…

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Get Your Crayons Out!!

Charity Project, Illustration, Life

Jason Smith aka armadilloboy has set up a fantastic community project in which 20 artists were asked to produce an outline illustration to be included in a charity colouring book for The Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital. Jason explains on the Oh Gosh Project website his story behind why he set up the project and gives information on all the artists involved…

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A Clockwork Horror

Illustration, Skulls

{Clockwork Horror}

While on a trip to Paris last year I stumbled upon a small toy shop along a small backstreet. Living amongst the fantastic collection of all kinds of old and new toys I found a selection of horror inspired wind up toys. I picked up the Dracula and Skeleton guys and handed them to the friendly Parisian toymaster. Aswell as finding these gems in this little shop, I also managed to have a small but 100% French conversation with the shop keeper. Très bon.

So this is my illustration inspired by these rather snappily dressed little wind up guys. Enjoy, mercy beaucoup.

Skulls & Hearts

Illustration, Love, Skulls

Heart Of Skulls

Skull Of Hearts

Its been a while since I posted anything, not through laziness, but because I’ve been busy with a bunch of projects that I am super excited about but can’t post right now. So while I am in-between projects I thought I would post up these two little illustrations {Heart Of Skulls} and {Skull Of Hearts} just to keep my website looking a bit fresh.

They are quite simply a heart made of skulls and a skull made of hearts. No fancy deep meanings or hidden messages, just skulls and hearts. Maybe you could read I love skulls out of it but thats pretty obvious in all my illustrations.


Don’t Give Up Japan

Illustration, Japan Tsunami Appeal

Don't Give Up Japan

Over at the Illustration Rally website Natsuki Otani, who is originally from Tokyo, has set up  a new community project to spread awareness of the Japan Tsunami Appeal, and promote positive thinking. The project is open for anyone to submit illustrations that convey hope unity and love, in an effort to help and show Japan how much the world is thinking of all the people affected by the terrible disaster.

Here are the links to the Illustration Rally website and charities involved:

British Red Cross
American Red Cross
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
Yahoo Japan! Charity

Also and Lady Gaga designed charity band for Japan, you can buy it here for $5

Above is my illustration contribution to the project. ~ Thanks for reading.

Burst Magazine Feature

Illustration, Love, Magazine, Press coverage

Burst Magazine Feature

Burst Magazine is an online based magazine featuring artwork from up and coming creatives giving their art exposure to a wide audience. The current issue is based around the theme of ‘Love‘ and was aptly released on 14th February.

The magazine features a range of work from 21 creatives with a good range of different illustration styles, including my illustration “The things we do for love” depicting a cat bring you a gift of a dead bird to show its love for you.

There are a selection of these online style magazines around which offer artists trying to get their work about a chance of exposure. Check it out at and download or view the magazine for FREE!

That’s the way to do it!

Illustration, Scary stuff


Clowns, some people like them, most people hate them. Although the intentions of clowns are to entertain and make people laugh by ‘clowning’ around with balloons, water and custard pies, there is a more sinister side to clowning. Maybe it’s quite innocent and it’s just because you can’t tell who’s behind all that smiley but very creepy make-up, or maybe they are failed bitter entertainers who want to release their anger and frustration by scaring the crap out of kids.

I don’t have ‘coulrophobia’ – the fear of clowns, yes it’s an authentic medical condition. I just think they look stupid and I don’t get any pleasure out of watching someone in mental make-up blowing up odd shaped balloons or jumping about in massive shoes while i’m trying to eat a hamburger and side of chicken nuggets. But they do make brilliant bad guys in films.

The worst for me is ‘Punch & Judy‘. I know it’s an English seaside tradition, but just hearing the horrible noise of Mr Punch shouting “That’s the way to do it!” from half a mile away down the beach is enough to send me fleeing in the opposite direction to the nearest crappy souvenir shop to buy a stick of rock and t-shirt about how I hate seagulls.

Amphibiens de mort


amphibiens de mort

Online translators are strange little things, sometimes useful and sometimes just pure comedy. They never seem to get it completely right, so I thought for the title of this illustration ‘Amphibiens de mort’ which what I was trying to translate into French from ‘Amphibians of death’, I would try a few different ones and pick the most common. Nope. I ended up with different translations for each one I tried! So I appologise  to any French people that may stumble across this as the title may not make sense, but then again the illustration probably doesn’t either.

One way of passing a few hours is typing  phrase into a translator, converting it to a language you have never even heard of, then translate your result back in to English and see how close it matches. Most of the time you get some kind of bizarre phrase that will surely invoke some kind of fog-horn laugh.

So go hunt one down and have fun!

A sticky situation

Illustration, Scary stuff


Wouldn’t it be great if for just one day giant spiders or ants ran riot on the earth. If all the little things people are afraid of suddenly got massive and chased everyone about like in movies. Maybe the dinosaurs could come back for a daytrip and cause chaos everywhere, raptors could chase people about, terradactyls could swoop down and carry people about for a bit, then just drop them in a river somewhere or something. It would be great, just a day of movie like mayhem – then at the end of the day everything disappears and everyone wakes up the next day thinking, “wow, that was cool”.

If not scary things, what about giant grasshoppers, or even ladybirds or something? Those things that are a harmless but a little unpredictable? They are fun to watch but as soon as they jump or start flying, then you get a little unsettled and make that involuntary weird noise that sounds a bit like ‘iiiiieeeeghh’. Just one day, then everything is fine? Nobody has to get hurt, just freaked out for 24 hours?

Massive moths?