“Senior Designer by day at creative mouse.co.uk
Freelance Designer & Illustrator by night”


What is Belle Tragedie?

Belle Tragedie started out about 5 years ago as a portfolio to display my creative work produced in my spare time. It was mainly an experimental outlet from my more commercial day job that eventually led me down the road of digital illustration, gradually defining my style to what it is today. Along the way I have worked with a variety of clients, projects and collaborations offering great opportunities to get my work noticed while expanding my portfolio and adding an online shop selling prints.

Creative experience

I have been working for a small design agency based in Worcester UK for over 10 years. Specialising in design for print with good knowledge of catalogue/brochure design, colour correction/repro and web marketing/social branding. Catalogue design is quite a unique side of the business which has enabled me to gain experience in not only design but also pre-press and large volume print processes.

What do I do?

Graphic Design

Having worked for a design agency for 10 years I know a thing or two about design, and can easily adapt to a more commercial style.


Over the years I have developed my own illustration style, inspired by clean vector design and screen printed posters.

T-shirt design

I have worked with a variety of clients producing t-shirt designs, specializing in simple but eye catching designs.


Working with other artists, collective projects always helps push ideas in a new direction and  is great for meeting like-minded individuals.