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You Win Some – You Lose Most

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Phew!! It’s been hot this week hasn’t it?!! I love the sun, it makes everyone happy. Everything seems to calm down and relax a little and people seem to be friendlier. That is until they get to work and have to sit for 8 hours in a sweaty grumpy office where people fight over windows and fans, hoping that management will fork out for an air conditioning system. In my office its the complete opposite. We have a massive air conditioning…

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Losing Heart

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Does anyone else get cold hands whilst working on the computer? It’s normally only my right hand which I use for operating my mouse, the left is a bit chilly but not causing any discomfort. I’m guessing its something to do with circulation, or some kind of mathematical equation to do with the angle of my arm? Nobody else…

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I’ve been pretty busy recently and have had a few unfinished illustrations floating around on my computer for a while. Amongst the christmas shopping, card writing and tree decorating I’ve finally had the time to finish one. I quite like christmas these days, although it all seems over too quickly after a manic month of preparation. In Worcester we have a traditional Victorian Christmas fayre every year where coach loads…

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Skulls & Hearts

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Heart Of Skulls

Skull Of Hearts

Its been a while since I posted anything, not through laziness, but because I’ve been busy with a bunch of projects that I am super excited about but can’t post right now. So while I am in-between projects I thought I would post up these two little illustrations {Heart Of Skulls} and {Skull Of Hearts} just to keep my website looking a bit fresh.

They are quite simply a heart made of skulls and a skull made of hearts. No fancy deep meanings or hidden messages, just skulls and hearts. Maybe you could read I love skulls out of it but thats pretty obvious in all my illustrations.


Burst Magazine Feature

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Burst Magazine Feature

Burst Magazine is an online based magazine featuring artwork from up and coming creatives giving their art exposure to a wide audience. The current issue is based around the theme of ‘Love‘ and was aptly released on 14th February.

The magazine features a range of work from 21 creatives with a good range of different illustration styles, including my illustration “The things we do for love” depicting a cat bring you a gift of a dead bird to show its love for you.

There are a selection of these online style magazines around which offer artists trying to get their work about a chance of exposure. Check it out at and download or view the magazine for FREE!

The things we do for love

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For Love

Due to the flu, miserable weather, the shock of my bank balance and the christmas chocolate I’ve had to get through, it’s been a slow start to the new year. But now I’ve pretty much kicked the sniffles into touch and wrapped the excess chocolate up for peoples gifts for next christmas, so now I can get back to some illustrations.

This image was inspired by my cat Tilly, who is sat on my lap as I type making it a bit awkward and causing me to hit the keys like a robot. It is called “For Love” – using the idea that cats like leaving dead thing in your house when you return to show their love for you. A gift you could say, but a dead gift. Luckily Tilly has not brought us any dead items yet, just had the odd spider casualty. She does make a mental chimp sound when she getting ready to chase birds and squirrels though, that’s always entertaining!