The things we do for love -

January 14, 2011 | Illustration, Love

For Love

Due to the flu, miserable weather, the shock of my bank balance and the christmas chocolate I’ve had to get through, it’s been a slow start to the new year. But now I’ve pretty much kicked the sniffles into touch and wrapped the excess chocolate up for peoples gifts for next christmas, so now I can get back to some illustrations.

This image was inspired by my cat Tilly, who is sat on my lap as I type making it a bit awkward and causing me to hit the keys like a robot. It is called “For Love” – using the idea that cats like leaving dead thing in your house when you return to show their love for you. A gift you could say, but a dead gift. Luckily Tilly has not brought us any dead items yet, just had the odd spider casualty. She does make a mental chimp sound when she getting ready to chase birds and squirrels though, that’s always entertaining!