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All People Are Equal

Illustration, Life, Politics, Skulls, Typography

Politics. A word that causes so many different reactions. From rolling eyes, clenching fists, heads in hands, red faced frustration right through to utter confusion…. and thats just the MP’s “running” the show. To the majority of us it is a hopeless charade of bickering idiots fighting over who’s gang is best suited to run the country. The answer is none of them.

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Never Let Your Fear Decide Your Fate

Featured, Illustration, Life, Skulls

Happy New Year!! 2012 was an absolutely mental year for me. As well as having a little bouncing baby boy, we decided to move house too, just 2 weeks before christmas – although not quite our choice due to the whole buying process.I don’t recommend it, no, don’t try it… especially with a 6 month old baby…. and a cat….

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Hell Yes

Alkaline Trio, Illustration, Life, Religion, Skulls

I’m now 3 weeks into fatherhood. It has probably been the hardest but most amazing 3 weeks of my life so far. I say so far as I have been told by many people it doesn’t really get easier you just learn to cope better. I’m doing ok with the nappy changes and the constant routine, but its the interrupted sleep I am having trouble with. Waking up every 2 – 3 hours…

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You Win Some – You Lose Most

Illustration, Life, Love, Skulls

Phew!! It’s been hot this week hasn’t it?!! I love the sun, it makes everyone happy. Everything seems to calm down and relax a little and people seem to be friendlier. That is until they get to work and have to sit for 8 hours in a sweaty grumpy office where people fight over windows and fans, hoping that management will fork out for an air conditioning system. In my office its the complete opposite. We have a massive air conditioning…

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Recovery II

Illustration, Life, Skulls

It’s been a while since I posted anything up, I’ve had work in progress for a while but have had a lot of distractions. The main distraction being preparing the house for a new addition to the family in the form of a little boy, ETA 1 month!! Yikes!! He’s not even here yet but he’s already got more stuff than me. I’m super excited…

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New Prints available in the shop!!

Illustration, Shop, Skulls

Things have been pretty busy at Belle Tragedie HQ recently, mainly DIY work and entertaining my cat, but I’ve finally got round to getting some new prints to sell in my online shop. I love getting printed artwork and promotional stuff delivered. It’s like Christmas!! Aswell as the prints, I’ve given the online shop a bit of a refresh, just to bring it more into line with the main site. I prefer to design websites rather than code them but I do enjoy learning how…

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Thirteenth Apparel T-shirt Collaboration

Collaboration, Illustration, Skulls

I know it’s a bit late, but as this is my first post of 2012, Happy New Year!! I always find January a struggle to get moving again, I think it’s a combination of the christmas break, the rubbish weather and left over christmas chocolate. But I’ve picked up momentum now so it’s time to get things started!
During late 2011 I got together with Thirteenth Apparel to produce a collaboration t-shirt…

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas, Illustration, Skulls

I was feeling a bit festive so I decided to knock up this little Christmas beauty. Unfortunately while I was drawing it a giant gust of internet wind came a long and knocked all of the pine needles off….. honestly. And then some kind of thieving virus came along and stole all of my pretty ball balls, so I had to use some left over skulls from another illustration. Can’t trust anyone these days…

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