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All People Are Equal

Illustration, Life, Politics, Skulls, Typography

Politics. A word that causes so many different reactions. From rolling eyes, clenching fists, heads in hands, red faced frustration right through to utter confusion…. and thats just the MP’s “running” the show. To the majority of us it is a hopeless charade of bickering idiots fighting over who’s gang is best suited to run the country. The answer is none of them.

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Work Drink Sleep Repeat

Illustration, Life, Typography

Autumn has firmly rooted its passage into the grim few months of winter we all find so depressing. I like autumn though. The colours of the leaves are fantastic, lots of deep reds, oranges and yellows set against low sunlit blue skies. Sunsets are spectacular this time of year too, although most of us are usually still in work and miss them.

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