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Burst Magazine Feature

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Burst Magazine Feature

Burst Magazine is an online based magazine featuring artwork from up and coming creatives giving their art¬†exposure to a wide audience. The current issue is based around the theme of ‘Love‘ and was aptly released on 14th February.

The magazine features a range of work from 21 creatives with a good range of different illustration styles, including my illustration “The things we do for love” depicting a cat bring you a gift of a dead bird to show its love for you.

There are a selection of these online style magazines around which offer artists trying to get their work about a chance of exposure. Check it out at and download or view the magazine for FREE!

Digital Artist Magazine feature

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Digital Artist Feature

Left Hand Page

Right Hand Page

I was recently lucky to be asked to submit some artwork for a feature in the Digital Artist Magazine. The issue was released just in time for the new year so its a great start for 2011 for me. The feature is about how my work has progressed to its current style, from simple vector images to a more detailed illustration style. I hope to further develop this style this year and see where it takes me.

Its a great motivational boost for me as there are so many artists/illustrators out there, its nice to see some people actually liking and taking an interest in my work. Many thanks to April Madden at Digital Artist for the great opportunity.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Digital Artist magazine issue 14

Digital Artist Magazine, Illustration, Press coverage

Next issue

I have a double page feature in next months Digital Artist magazine, issue 15~ out on 30th December 2010. I am dead excited, can’t wait to see it all glossy and printed!! As an early treat I had a little image and mention in the ‘Next Issue’ section of the current issue (14). It felt like Christmas had come early and I had opened up that Tomy Super Cup football game that I always wanted!!