You Will Never Make It -

May 11, 2011 | Illustration, Life

You Will Never Make It

At the moment there are loads of spiders hanging around my house and they have all come from one of those fluffy cotton wool looking spider eggs that I found in my garden about a week ago. Its a fantastic sight to see them all hatching and setting off on their little adventures, their webs catching in the breeze, not know where they are going to end up or whether they will make it further than the garden fence.

We can apply this theory to life and the everyday things we do or want to do. We have the capacity to dream and try to aspire to these dreams, aiming to enjoy life as best as we can. Life is tough, often unfair and painful. But if we don’t try to keep ourselves motivated and positive then we will end up like the spiders who don’t make it out of the garden.