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May 05, 2011 | Charity Project, Illustration, Life

OhGosh Colouring Project

Jason Smith aka armadilloboy has set up a fantastic community project in which 20 artists were asked to produce an outline illustration to be included in a charity colouring book for The Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital. Jason explains on the Oh Gosh Project website his story behind why he set up the project and gives information on all the artists involved.

The illustration had a couple of rules just to challenge the creativity of the artists involved. It had to be based on the theme of humans and animals having fun, e.g. at the circus, at the zoo, walking/playing games but also had to be drawn in each artists individual style and using basic shapes. This could include manipulated shapes to help with features, but the idea behind it was to encourage children to want to draw themselves by seeing how easy it can be to draw using basic shapes.

All the illustrations should have been submitted to Jason now and I’m sure like myself all the other artists are eagerly awaiting news on the next step of the project. Once the colouring book has been compiled and produced it will be available for sale and all proceeds will go The Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Above is my illustration for the project, for me it was a slightly different approach as I don’t usually use outlines in my artwork, so it was interesting to try something different. I still managed to keep my style in there and my general theme that runs through my illustrations.

For more information visit where you will find details about all aspects of the project and follow news updates to see how it is progressing.