Nine Lives -

June 09, 2011 | Illustration

Nine Lives

This was my submission for the Versus 2 project where illustrators were asked to pick any number or picture card (Jack, Queen, King, Ace) and produce an illustration relative to that  number, or picture card. Out of all the submissions a final 13 illustrators were chosen to be featured in a full deck of cards which would then be sent out to potential employers and clients to help the illustrators get employment or freelance work.

The project was set up by Dave Ashby, a creative designer from Bristol. Due to the success of the first Versus collection in 2010, Versus 2 was set up earlier this year. To see the Versus 1 collection and to read more about it visit . You can also buy prints or card pack from Versus 1 and keep up to date with news on how Versus 2 is going.

For my submission I chose the number nine and the theme of ‘cats nine lives’. After the initial submission if selected for the final 13, illustrators would then be asked to produce another 3 images all linked to their theme, one for each suit. All the submissions have now been collected and the final illustrators have been chosen, unfortunately I wasn’t selected but all entries will have an inclusion in the project in poster form.