That's the way to do it! -

February 04, 2011 | Illustration, Scary stuff


Clowns, some people like them, most people hate them. Although the intentions of clowns are to entertain and make people laugh by ‘clowning’ around with balloons, water and custard pies, there is a more sinister side to clowning. Maybe it’s quite innocent and it’s just because you can’t tell who’s behind all that smiley but very creepy make-up, or maybe they are failed bitter entertainers who want to release their anger and frustration by scaring the crap out of kids.

I don’t have ‘coulrophobia’ – the fear of clowns, yes it’s an authentic medical condition. I just think they look stupid and I don’t get any pleasure out of watching someone in mental make-up blowing up odd shaped balloons or jumping about in massive shoes while i’m trying to eat a hamburger and side of chicken nuggets. But they do make brilliant bad guys in films.

The worst for me is ‘Punch & Judy‘. I know it’s an English seaside tradition, but just hearing the horrible noise of Mr Punch shouting “That’s the way to do it!” from half a mile away down the beach is enough to send me fleeing in the opposite direction to the nearest crappy souvenir shop to buy a stick of rock and t-shirt about how I hate seagulls.