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January 22, 2011 | Illustration, Scary stuff


Wouldn’t it be great if for just one day giant spiders or ants ran riot on the earth. If all the little things people are afraid of suddenly got massive and chased everyone about like in movies. Maybe the dinosaurs could come back for a daytrip and cause chaos everywhere, raptors could chase people about, terradactyls could swoop down and carry people about for a bit, then just drop them in a river somewhere or something. It would be great, just a day of movie like mayhem – then at the end of the day everything disappears and everyone wakes up the next day thinking, “wow, that was cool”.

If not scary things, what about giant grasshoppers, or even ladybirds or something? Those things that are a harmless but a little unpredictable? They are fun to watch but as soon as they jump or start flying, then you get a little unsettled and make that involuntary weird noise that sounds a bit like ‘iiiiieeeeghh’. Just one day, then everything is fine? Nobody has to get hurt, just freaked out for 24 hours?

Massive moths?