Losing Heart

Illustration, Life, Love

Does anyone else get cold hands whilst working on the computer? It’s normally only my right hand which I use for operating my mouse, the left is a bit chilly but not causing any discomfort. I’m guessing its something to do with circulation, or some kind of mathematical equation to do with the angle of my arm? Nobody else…

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Thirteenth Apparel T-shirt Collaboration

Collaboration, Illustration, Skulls

I know it’s a bit late, but as this is my first post of 2012, Happy New Year!! I always find January a struggle to get moving again, I think it’s a combination of the christmas break, the rubbish weather and left over christmas chocolate. But I’ve picked up momentum now so it’s time to get things started!
During late 2011 I got together with Thirteenth Apparel to produce a collaboration t-shirt…

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas, Illustration, Skulls

I was feeling a bit festive so I decided to knock up this little Christmas beauty. Unfortunately while I was drawing it a giant gust of internet wind came a long and knocked all of the pine needles off….. honestly. And then some kind of thieving virus came along and stole all of my pretty ball balls, so I had to use some left over skulls from another illustration. Can’t trust anyone these days…

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Illustration, Life, Love, Shop

I’ve been pretty busy recently and have had a few unfinished illustrations floating around on my computer for a while. Amongst the christmas shopping, card writing and tree decorating I’ve finally had the time to finish one. I quite like christmas these days, although it all seems over too quickly after a manic month of preparation. In Worcester we have a traditional Victorian Christmas fayre every year where coach loads…

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Artwork on display at The Pure Gallery

Gallery, Illustration, Shop

The guys over at The Pure Gallery in Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear have a couple of my illustrations up on display and for sale. Featured are “Fate” and “Heart of Skulls” both available in my online store. The gallery’s walls are scattered with awesome artwork including work by fantastic illustrators/artists like Chris Bourke, Guy McKinley, Mister Millerchip and The Dead Sea Mob…

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Prints Now Available To Buy!!

Illustration, Shop

I’ve finally got around to getting some lovely prints done and set up an online shop over at belletragedie.bigcartel.com. They are printed on A3 300gm recycled art board and have a fantastic texture to them, unfortunately the web images don’t do it justice. There are currently 4 prints available (as shown below) but hopefully will have more up soon! One off prints of other artwork are available..

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Your Demons Are The Key To Your Destiny

Illustration, Life, Scary stuff

This image is a play on the idea that everyone has a dark side whether they like it or not, and along with your good side together they make up your personality. If everyone was nice all the time and just went along with what everyone else said and did then the world would be a very boring place.
Maybe your darker side, or your demons, are the competitive, ruthless or creative side…

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There Is A Light

Illustration, Life

So now we are waving goodbye to another awful summer, creeping into autumn and looking forward to cold feet and not being able to afford to put our heating on this winter. So with all this optimism, I have produced this lovely illustration inspired by The Smiths song ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’. I’m sure the song conveys different emotions to different people, also depending on moments in life…

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Illustration, Life

This is an idea I’ve had stored away for a while but hadn’t got round to it. It’s based on the lyrics to ‘I’m dying tomorrow’ by Alkaline Trio. It’s a simple song asking ones self about ones life if one has accomplished all the things one wanted to do near the end – one too many ones there one thinks. It sounds quite grim but has a positive spin on the subject…

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Illustration, Religion

If you are reading this then you would have noticed I have given my website a bit of a face-lift, I hope it is as pleasing to your eyes as a curry and a pint of cobra on a Friday night. I’ve been quite busy of late with various projects and jobs so this is the first post I have written in a while. This illustration titled ‘Possession’ has been a work in progress piece for a while which I have now finally got round to finishing…

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Time Is Our Biggest Enemy

Illustration, Life, Skulls

This illustration titled {Time Is Our Biggest Enemy} was inspired by the lack of time I seem to have these days, I suppose it can also be looked at on a much grander scale of life and human existence itself. But I genuinely believe that as we get older time seems to go quicker. I have a pile of computer games that I want to play, albums I want to listen to and a basket ball that hasn’t seen a court for a while…

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