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June 17, 2011 | Illustration, Life, Skulls

{Time Is Our Biggest Enemy}

This illustration titled {Time Is Our Biggest Enemy} was inspired by the lack of time I seem to have these days, I suppose it can also be looked at on a much grander scale of life and human existence itself .

But I genuinely believe that as we get older time seems to go quicker. I have a pile of computer games that I want to play, albums I want to listen to and a basket ball that hasn’t seen a court for a while. Once I’ve finished all my work, fed the cat, prepared a delicious meal of veggie burgers and potato wedges and then washed up, I have just enough time for a cuppa then its off to bed to start it all over again.

I think whoever is next in power should low a load of moon into developing an extra day of the week. One where nobody is allowed to  work and we just get to do what we want for a day. No chores, no hoovering, no cleaning out the cat litter tray, just relaxing and enjoying some down time.

Oh well, I’ve ran out of time to write this blog so see ya.

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