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Time Is Our Biggest Enemy

Illustration, Life, Skulls

This illustration titled {Time Is Our Biggest Enemy} was inspired by the lack of time I seem to have these days, I suppose it can also be looked at on a much grander scale of life and human existence itself. But I genuinely believe that as we get older time seems to go quicker. I have a pile of computer games that I want to play, albums I want to listen to and a basket ball that hasn’t seen a court for a while…

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A Clockwork Horror

Illustration, Skulls

{Clockwork Horror}

While on a trip to Paris last year I stumbled upon a small toy shop along a small backstreet. Living amongst the fantastic collection of all kinds of old and new toys I found a selection of horror inspired wind up toys. I picked up the Dracula and Skeleton guys and handed them to the friendly Parisian toymaster. Aswell as finding these gems in this little shop, I also managed to have a small but 100% French conversation with the shop keeper. Très bon.

So this is my illustration inspired by these rather snappily dressed little wind up guys. Enjoy, mercy beaucoup.

Skulls & Hearts

Illustration, Love, Skulls

Heart Of Skulls

Skull Of Hearts

Its been a while since I posted anything, not through laziness, but because I’ve been busy with a bunch of projects that I am super excited about but can’t post right now. So while I am in-between projects I thought I would post up these two little illustrations {Heart Of Skulls} and {Skull Of Hearts} just to keep my website looking a bit fresh.

They are quite simply a heart made of skulls and a skull made of hearts. No fancy deep meanings or hidden messages, just skulls and hearts. Maybe you could read I love skulls out of it but thats pretty obvious in all my illustrations.