C is for Cat - We Heart Arts Charity project - belletragedie.com

I was recently asked by Tony over at We Heart Arts  www.weheartarts.com to participate in their latest charity project the Awesomebet. The project is based on 26 different illustrations by 26 different illustrators each representing a letter of the alphabet, where each illustrator will produce an Awesome print for their assigned letter. Awesome hey? Yes, totally awesome.

Who are We Heart Arts you say? Well, they are a non-profit organisation selling music, posters, gigs, books, shirts and more to help raise money for young person’s creative arts projects. Born from a DIY music scene and with a passion to help the next generations pick up an instrument, a pen, a paintbrush or a book they set out to make the world just that little bit easier and that little bit better for our youth. What an amazing cause I’m sure you’ll agree.

As you may be able to tell I was assigned the letter ‘C’ and was asked to produce an awesome illustration for something I liked beginning with that letter. I chose cats, as I have a cat and she is awesome. As the print will possible end up in schools in a printed book I didn’t want to make the illustration too gruesome, so kept the cat horror and mouse/fish devouring to a minimum. But just enough to make children think “Yeah cool, bones and sharp claws!!”

So there you go. Head over to the We Heart Arts online shop and buy a print or two. The other 25 illustrations are looking wicked good too so make sure you check those out as well. Heres the link http://weheartarts.com/shop/10396165