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November 30, 2010 | Illustration, Life, Religion

We are all going to hell

I’m not a religious person. I like the art, imagery, statues, cathedrals, churches and the theory of it including the way it gives people hope or helps people focus on something when they don’t have anything or are in troubled times. The catholic church, kind of the Bang and Olufsen of religions,  has always been a bit of a dodgy subject. And theres something not quite right about it that has always bugged me.

Jesus washed peoples feet, and lived in a shed or cave or something right? And rumour has it he was a bit of a magician. So why does the Pope live in an almost golden city with mafia like bodyguards? Hmmmm. This led me to looking up on t’internet what the Pope’s salary is and if he gets Christmas bonuses for being extra pope-like? Turns out he doesn’t have a paycheck like us regular folk. He doesn’t even need money in fact. He is almost above money. Something not right there hey?

Anyway this quick little illustration/print is what spawned from these thoughts. See you all in hell!!!